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Saturday, November 3, 2012


For those who have been wondering where I am, I'm still here!
(Barely sometimes.)
Yes! I am alive and kicking. 
No! I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Although, at times I have felt like I was about to. The past few months have been a whirlwind of stressful and busy activity with family, extended family, friends and work and I haven't had one moment of breathing time to do much else let alone post the things I had hoped to post during this break from learning new program songs. 

I imagine most of you are done with your programs by now. LUCKY YOU!
I'm sure the programs have been as wonderful as they always seem to somehow turn out with those sweet little spirits and voices—no matter how much might have gone wrong. Alas! I wish I could say mine was done and I could move on to other fun and seasonal songs just for the joy of singing them. Our program should have been done last week, but we had a surprise Stake Conference thrown our way which happened to get scheduled on the day we were to have our program. That caused our program to be bumped for a couple of more weeks. Am not excited about that since that will only leave me ONE Sunday before Thanksgiving to sing autumn and Thanksgiving songs.

I'll have to admit also that it has been a bit difficult this year for our Primary to really practice the program songs when it seems we have been only meeting in our ward about every-other week the past two months with a special Priesthood and Relief Society meeting, a stake conference, a temple dedication, General Conference and another last minute special stake conference.  WHEW! Lots of churchy things happening.  I'll secretly admit though, it has been nice to not have to plan singing lessons each week with all these breaks, but on the downside, it is really hard to get the songs fine-tuned when you only get to practice 15-20 minutes every-other week.  It is hard to keep those songs in the kids brains with such big breaks.  Fortunately, I think they are doing pretty well, but I'm a bit more worried on whether we can get the volume we need since our Primary quickly shrunk by half this year with a lot of families moving out and so many of our older children graduating from Primary. It is soooooo hard to see them grow up and leave, especially when you have been with them for a few years. It feels like when your own kids start leaving the nest. 

For those of you who have emailed me wondering if I am still going to post, I most certainly am still planning on it. I really have missed posting. I love connecting with all of you out there in Primary Singing Land.  I'm going to try and get at least one post done on Saturday, so check back!!!

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