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Sunday, November 11, 2012


YEAH!!! Program day finally came!  It seemed like forever in getting here with all the changes and extra church activities we have had in our ward, but now we are done and I couldn't be more proud of those kids.  They sure sang their little ol' hearts out for me and and, of course, their parents.  Even brought some tears to my eyes as I could feel their sweet spirit in their voices. I was a little nervous on whether it was going to turn out or not after our Saturday practice when things didn't seem to go right, but today was pretty darn perfect. The children's sweet spirit always seem to make the program special no matter what happens. The kids really pulled it out. I'm a toughie and don't use any visual aids or words for the program. Yep, I like them to learn the songs well and they did marvelous! I was unsure if our smaller Primary this year could get the volume to fill the chapel and overflow, but they did it. Yep, I'm as proud as a peacock right now for such wonderful kids. And I'm especially proud of the children I called and challenged to do solos and musical parts; all for the first time too! What a wonderful experience for them and treat for the congregation. It has just been amazing watching these children grow and learn and develop a love for music and these beautiful Primary songs over the few years I've been teaching them. Just thought I'd post a quick update on how our program went.

Oh, yes, can I just share a tidbit that just <<<hugged>>> my heart? I had so many children give me hugs before and after the program. It is moments like these that is just the cherry on top—it makes all the hard work, long hours and gray hairs worth it. Yep, I'm a proud mother hen.  

I had hoped to post some program helps in the previous months, but didn't have any time to do that. Sorry to those of you who emailed me and asked. There is always next year, so I'll try and post some later. 

Now folks, I guess it is time to plan for next year. I will try and post some planning forms and helps that I use to help me.

I would love to see your comments on how your program went. Also, please share anything special that just hugged your heart. You just gotta love those moments!

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  1. We had our program back on Oct 14th (I think...) and it went beautifully! It was my first one, since I've only been in the calling since January, but those kids did so darn great! I had several of our *older* ladies come up to tell me that they could hear the children singing this year! And they sit in the back of the chapel. How did I do it? With a lot of fun ideas from your blog! Thanks! Oh, and as far as hugs go, got lots at our Trunk-or-Treat, and now in the hallways. I love this calling!