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Friday, June 8, 2012


Well, if you are looking for another fun way to review
WheI  ABaptized
you can always use your bells or chimes.
Here is a bell chart using the fun rainbow and cloud theme for the song.


  • There are three pages in the file: one for each verse and the chorus. 
  • Print each page out individually into a 4-page poster format in Adobe Reader (you could go 6 or more pages depending on how large you need it for your Primary to see or maybe if you have a very small Primary, one or two pages will do you.) I did mine at 185% for 4 pages per verse/chorus for a total of 12 pages, which I think is a good size for most Primaries. The percentage will vary depending on your printer. Just review the image box in your print dialog box for best size and placement before printing.  See the "Preparation" section in this post for a little info on printing a poster format.
  • I didn't select the check boxes for the cut marks or labels on this one since I was able to size it so half of the verse landed on the upper 2 pages and the last 2 lines landed on the bottom 2 pages.
  • Cut the excess edge off of each sheet (only the side where you will need to butt the pages up together), then butt and tape the first two sheets/lines together.
  • Repeat with each 2 lines.
  • I did not tape all 4 lines to each verse/chorus together. This will help make it easier to store. I can just fold each double-page section on the seam and file it away.
Here is a list of the bells needed for the song and how many times each bell is played per verse. 
  • C (low): 4
  • D: 1
  • F: 15
  • G: 4
  • A: 8
  • A#: 7 (B flat)
  • C: 16
You could have a child play both the D & G bells since they aren't played as much.

When I Am Baptized—Bell Chart-Nalani

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