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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Is it really
Father's Day
in a couple of weeks?
So many things always going on each month it seems. Well, here is a flip chart for
"Daddy's Homecoming".
As an FYI, a few of these pictures are not from church publications since I couldn't find enough pictures to fit the wording, so considering the type of song, I took the liberty to use other pictures that seemed appropriate for the song.

Actually, this is a fun one to do actions with the little ones.
This wiggle song version can give you a bit of a workout though.

Here are the actions I've come up with to use:
  • I'm so glad when daddy comes home
    • With your pointer fingers on both hands, point to the corners of your smile on your face rocking your head side-to-side to the rhythm.
  • Glad as I can be
    • Raise hands above head to one side and then lower until your elbows are about shoulder height while flashing your hands wide open on the up and very loosely closed on the down, then repeat raising your hands again above your head to the other side. Do this in an excited fashion alternating on each side for a total of 2 times on each side.
    • Sometimes you can change it out by swaying both arms back and forth above head letting your upper torso sway too. 
  • Clap my hands
    • Clap hands 2 times
  • And shout for joy
    • Jump up throwing your arms up with joy.
    • A more subdued method would be to place both hands by the mouth as if to shout.
  • Then climb upon his knee
    • Pretend to climb (kind of looks more like jogging in place I guess) then point to knee.
  • Put my arms around his neck
    • Bring arms to a circle in front of you
  • Hug him tight like this
    • Bring arms in from circle to hug self
  • Pat his cheeks 
    • Pat both of your cheeks on each word
  • and give him what?
    • Palms up and hands out to the side, but slightly forward, with arms at about a 90 degree angle to the body and then on the word "what?" tilt head to the side while shrugging your shoulders. Basically, this is like doing an exaggerated "W-h-a-t?" action. 
  • A great big kiss!
    • Blow a kiss like they did on the Dating Game Show in the 60's but don't turn to the back so far as they did. If you are one of those young'uns that wasn't even born yet, although I think they did bring it back in the 80's or 90's, you do the Dating Game kiss by putting the palm of your hand over your mouth, twisting/turning your body slightly to the back and then after you sing the word "kiss" you make a big "KISSING SMACK" sound while swinging/turning your body forward throwing your hand and kiss out.
Now go get practicing on those hugs and kisses for your daddy!

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