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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As a child, when my mom would come in to wake us kids up to get ready for school, often times she would start playing what I call "Vigorous" songs on the piano to help get us up and moving. One of the favorite songs I remember her often playing and singing was "The Battle Hymn of Republic". Every time I hear that song, that special memory comes to mind. Well, not a special memory about having to get up and get ready to go to school. . .a special memory of my mother and how when she played and sang in the morning, what a cheery atmosphere there was in the home to help start the day.

In Primary, I don't celebrate every holiday, but I do enjoy celebrating the 4th of July
along with the opportunity we have to sing appropriate patriotic songs
in Primary this one time a year.
So, I like to take these little
I made and let the SR Primary sing from them. Just a fun and different way to sing using a book instead of posters or flip charts. The SR kids
seem to enjoy reading from a book and singing "grown up" songs. I will usually add a pick 'n choose activity for selecting which songs to sing to just spice it up a bit. I will post later what I plan to do using my version of FIREWORKS!
If you are interested in making these booklets, I've attached the file for you to use.

  • The pages are in the correct order for printing booklet style front and back.
  • Use red, white and blue card stock for the covers. You could just use regular paper for the the covers if you prefer.
  • Print the first two pages on card stock for the cover and the Table of Contents. The Table of Contents should be on the inside, front of the cover.
  • Print the rest of the pages with the words of the songs in order on regular white paper. Make sure they are printing front to back on the paper. For example, the 3rd page with "My Flag, My Flag" will be the first page to print and then the 4th page in the file will need to print on the opposite side of the 3rd page. This way the page numbering on the bottom corner of each page should be correct when folded into a booklet. Then the 5th and 6th pages in the file would be next sharing the same paper front and back. When I am referring to 3rd page, 4th page etc., I am referring to the page order in the file, not the page numbering on the song page.
    • If you don't have a printer that will do duplex printing (printing on both sides of the paper), then you can just print the odd pages in the file then reinsert the paper in your printer in the correct orientation to print the even pages on the opposite side.
  • After printing, make sure your pages are in the correct order, then fold your cover and inside pages together in half. 
  • With the booklet open and the cover on top, put a staple about 1 1/2" from both the top and bottom ends of the booklet into the outside fold of the spine. You should have two staples in the spine with the prongs of the staples on the inside fold of the booklet.
    • With all the staplers I have access to at home and work, I couldn't believe that I didn't have one that would reach from the edge to the center fold. So, if you don't have a stapler that will reach to the center fold either, you could set the open booklet with the cover on top on a thick, old mouse pad or something similar, then open your stapler for flat tack-type stapling and staple on the outside, spine fold into the booklet and mouse pad. The prongs will go into the mouse pad, so make sure your pad is thick enough so your staples won't staple into your table underneath. Gently pull the booklet off the mouse pad and turn it over. Using a philips screw driver or dinner knife, fold the prongs over to finish off the staple.
  • There you have it. It is a lot easier to do than it may sound.

Patriotic Song Book-Nalani


  1. I love this idea! Do you happen to have paino music for the songs that aren't in our song book or hymn book that you could share? PLEASE don't bother if it's any trouble.

  2. I love this idea - and have the books already made...but I am in the same boat as the person above. I am trying to locate the music for the songs not found in the CSB and the Hymn book - do you have copies or know of a place to find them? Thanks for all your wonderful ideas - Dedra Tolman -

  3. I do have a music book with the patriotic songs that are not in the hymnbook; unfortunately, I can't copy and pass them along because of the copyright law. You could check with your pianist or other music people in your ward to see if they happen to have music to those songs. You could also download the MP3 and play those songs to sing also if you want. Some of the songs you might be able to find for free to download off the internet. I did post a link to a free download for "You're a Grand Old Flag" in the 4th of July post I just did. Maybe you can sing a cappella on the ones you don't have music for?????? You definitely won't have time to sing all the songs in the booklet, so pick your favorites and have fun celebrating.