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Friday, July 6, 2012


In case you are looking for a fun
visual to use in teaching or reviewing
"The Wise Man and the Foolish Man",
here are some story figures
that can be used as flannel or
magnetic board figures or stick puppets.
These are from the

Because the magazine's version is sooooooo small and in a jpg format that won't enlarge without becoming very pixilated and because I didn't feel like coloring them by hand, I wanted the lines redrawn and the images colored in a vector format. BIG THANKS goes to my eldest son for helping me out since I didn't have time to do it myself, besides, he has a better design program on his computer than I do that is easier and quicker at redrawing the lines, and of course, he is better at it than I am. I will be using some of these figures in my object lesson for this song. See this post for the object lesson. I have sized these figures into large, medium and small sizes. Included in the file are also black and white versions of each size in case you feel like being a little artistic and want to colorize them yourself. 

The Wise Man and the Foolish Man Figures-Nalani


  1. Thank you so much--you've saved me yet again. It's not that I don't think and think and think about what to do, but sometimes I just know something better is about to come along from you. Thanks so you and your son for sharing your impressive graphic talent and going to the trouble of making it available to the rest of us!

  2. You just saved me so much time!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you thank you!!

  3. thanks, we did this today and it worked so well. after singing the song a few times, i let the kids pick a song and how we sing it. they liked that a lot. great blog

  4. once again you are the best....I go to this site first always....never disappointed. thanks Nalani.

  5. Thanks all for your sweet comments. I really do appreciate it and it is always nice to know when something works for others too.

  6. Thanks so much! Just what I was looking for!

  7. Thanks for sharing! I decided last minute to find some visual aids for this and you saved my day! It worked out perfectly.

  8. You are an angel Nalani. You have saved many of us so much time!
    God Bless you ,