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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Here comes the oxcart,
oh, how slooooooow!
When I first heard this song, I thought what a slow and boring song, but after listening and singing to it a few times and being a little silly as I did, I realized that if you go with the flow of the sloooooooooow—ness of the song and sing it like an ox would, it is rather fun. The kids love to sing this ever so slooooooooowly while singing in a deep voice.

I also like to use a fluted tone block  and fluted rhythm sticks. You tap them on the first beat than slide the stick along the flutes on the second beat and keep repeating that rhythm throughout the song. I have a few children help out playing the instruments. These instruments help to give it a little wooden, creaky feel. If you don't have these rhythm instruments, maybe you could find something fluted around the house or make some sand blocks that can be clapped together then rubbed together on the beat (2 wooden blocks with sandpaper on one side of each block) or just clap a couple of blocks together or maybe you have an old hinge that creaks that you can use, of course, minus the door. ;-)
Another way to sing this song is to first explain that pioneers usually teamed up a couple of oxen together to pull a wagon. They used what is called a yoke to keep the oxen together. Have the children pair up for an oxen team and standing side-by-side to each other, link one of their arms over each other's shoulder to make a "yoke". Have them sway side-to-side to the music as they sing the song. Of course, sing it slowly and in your deep voice for the full effect.

And to top it off, this song is easy to learn to boot.

The Oxcart—Nalani


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