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Saturday, July 14, 2012


This week I plan on doing the review idea I posted at the end of The Wise Man and the Foolish Man Ideas post here. For the blocks, I wanted to use real blocks, but I didn't have any, so I made some paper ones and then I remembered my daughter having some BLOCKS. I posted the paper blocks anyway in case you don't have any blocks, and you want to do something more than written pieces of paper with the scenarios. You could also cut out some shapes from colored paper instead.
In the file there are two sizes: if you want to use the larger blocks and build them on the rock and sands, you will need to put together two of the rocks and do the same with the sands. The smaller set of blocks will fit on a single rock or sand picture without the pillars. The pillars are optional if you want to use more questions or just put them up afterwards for fun. You can just use the blocks; you don't have to build them on the rock and sand. Whatever works for you. (For some reason the file looks like there are lines in the triangle block but when you download it, it isn't there. go figure!?!)

After a wiggle (JR) or warm up (SR) song, I plan on starting out with a quick 1 minute Q&A review of the object lesson from last week and the representation of the rock, sand and floods. Then I will share the scripture Helaman 5:12 (have SR look it up). Then I will go into the review idea of using scenarios taped to blocks in a bag and letting the children take turns picking one out at a time, reading the scenario, deciding if it is a WISE or foolish choice, place the block on the table to start building a house and then singing the wise or foolish part of the song that correlates with the scenario. I will have my wise man and foolish man figures up on the board with my table in front and we will build the houses on the table. At the end as I summarize the principle we've been learning, I'll knock the house on the sand down as I mention how weak we can be when trials come our way if we have not built ourselves upon the strong and firm foundation of Christ.

Because you never know how much time you will have, I think I will not put the pillar blocks in the bag in case we don't need them. If I still have time, I'll just throw them in the bag to pick from after we are done with the other blocks.

Since the kids already know the words to the song and are just familiarizing themselves with the melody, I don't think we need to sing the song as many times as I have scenarios for, so I will add other songs after we have practiced TWMATFM and then have the children tell me what the gospel principle(s) is in the song just sung that will help us follow Christ; building our house upon the rock.

I just discovered that Rena Backstrom did something similar to this a while ago using the parable of the Ten Virgins. Since she already had some scenarios, I decided to use some of hers so all I needed to do was come up with a few more. I also liked her idea on using scriptural examples as well, so I also wrote some of those up. Thanks Rena for sharing. At the end of each Wise or Foolish section is a little list of actions if you don't want to use full scenarios. Here are the scenarios or actions. Just copy and past into a document to print and cut out:


  • Jimmy asked his mom if she would buy him a chocolate bar. His mother said no. Jimmy thought about just taking that chocolate bar from the candy shelf but decided not to.
    •  Was that a wise choice or a foolish choice Jimmy made?
  • Chloe woke up in the dark because she had a bad dream. She decided to kneel down and pray to Heavenly Father asking Him for help to feel peaceful again.
    • Was that a wise choice or a foolish choice Chloe made?
  • Wendy saw Lori crying because some girls had been mean to her. Wendy went over to Lori and handed her a Kleenex and asked Lori if she would like to come to her house to play.
    • Was that a wise choice or a foolish choice Wendy made?
  • Daniel and his friends refused to eat King Nebuchadnezzar’ food or drink his wine because he knew it would not be good for his body.
    • Was that a wise choice or a foolish choice Daniel made? 
  • When a wicked man convinced the king to kill all the Jews, Queen Esther went to the king and told him she was a Jew. She asked him not to kill her people. She did this knowing that she could be killed. Because the King loved Esther, he ordered that no Jews should be killed.
    • Was that a wise choice or a foolish choice Esther made?
Telling the truth
Being Kind
Saying your prayers
Obeying your parents
Going to church
Dressing modestly


  • Mark was taking a math test at school but he couldn’t remember how to do one of the questions, so he looked at his neighbor’s paper.
    • Was that a wise choice or a foolish choice Mark made? 
  • Mary’s little sister took her favorite stuffed rabbit out of her room and Mary yelled at her little sister and told her to never go into her room again.
    • Was that a wise choice or a foolish choice Mary made? 
  • Peter’s mom asked him to clean up his room before he went outside to play. He picked up a few toys but when he looked out the window at the beautiful, sunny day, he decided he didn’t want to finish cleaning his room and went out to play.
    • Was that a wise choice or a foolish choice Peter made? 
  • Nephi and his brothers were trying to get the brass plates from Laban but Laban kept refusing to give them the plates and Laban even took their gold and silver from them. Laman and Lemuel wanted to go home but Nephi and Sam wanted to obey what the Lord had asked them to do and find a way to get the plates. Laman and Lemuel got very angry and beat Nephi and Sam with sticks.
    • Was that a wise choice or a foolish choice Laman and Lemuel made? 
  • There were many people that did not like the things Joseph Smith was teaching about the gospel, so one night a bunch men of dragged Joseph Smith out of the house he was staying in and they hurt him by putting hot tar on him and then feathers.
    • Was that a wise choice or a foolish choice those people did to Joseph Smith?
Telling lies
Teasing and making fun of others

I think that is it. Simple but still educational and fun...I hope.

Blocks-Wise Man—Nalani

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