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Friday, July 27, 2012


Of course with the Olympics starting this week, you can't help but think about doing a Primary Singing Olympics. A couple of years ago I had worked on a winter Olympic version, but I think I got sick and had to scratch it . . . so I'm excited for another chance. I have seen a variety of ideas over the years for doing an Olympic Singing Time and have borrowed from the many great ideas out there as well as I have added many of my own twists and turns to it as I am most often inclined to do. This is pretty simple to do and I think it will be a fun way to review the program songs. With it being the 5th Sunday of the month, I do have the whole Singing and Sharing Time, but this can be adapted for a regular Singing Time or you could even take a couple of weeks to do it.

You can't have a Primary Singing Olympics without a torch, so I plan to start off bringing my torch out with a quick blurb about the Olympics and how hard these athletes work for years to come and perform at the Olympics and then tie it in with how hard we have been working on the songs in preparation for the Sacrament Meeting Program. 

Of course, we have to have the all important 
Torch Relay, so I will have the lights turned off while my torch is lit while we sing the song (I will also have a battery powered lantern for an extra light source since our Primary Room is quite dark with the lights out—and don't forget a light for your pianist) and as we sing the song standing up, the children will respectfully and reverently pass the light to each other down the rows. The last child will bring the torch back up to me and then I can set it on the table in its base.

Ignore the garland in the picture. I decided not
to add it to the torch but do if you want some sparks.
Red and yellow cellophane wrapped and pleated
around the head of the flashlight. 
The torch was pretty easy to make with found objects around the house. This is how I made mine with what I had. Revise with what you have.

  1. Unroll about 14" of the yellow cellophane roll and cut off.
  2. Tape about a 1" piece of double-sided tape to the base of the head of a flashlight and adhere one end of the cellophane to the tape on the flashlight. Then make a pleat and tape it down.
  3. Continue taping the cellophane down on the flashlight head and pleating as you go around the flashlight. This will help to puff out the flame a little so your flame doesn't look like a column of fire.
  4. Make some small snips in the top to give it some small flames. You should be able to still unscrew the top of the flashlight from the handle in case you need to put new batteries in.
  5. Unroll and cut off about a 12" strip of red cellophane and cut out some triangle-shaped flames along the cut edge. Be careful because these can tear off easily. Had to fix a couple that tore on me.
  6. Tape and pleat the red cellophane around the flashlight head like you did the yellow cellophane. You could use tissue paper if you don't have any cellophane, but cellophane will let the light show more, but then again, you don't even need to use a flashlight. You could just use a paper towel tube.
  7. Leave the flashlight handle as is or wrap gold paper or foil around the handle to give it a more torch-like look and you are done OR
  8. Instead of wrapping it in gold paper, put the flashlight in a gold, tall, plastic drink cup. I stopped in the $ Store several days ago when I was running an errand in the same strip mall and I happened upon a tall cone-shaped drink cup there that would be perfect for the torch. I was sooooooo trying to figure out something that would hold the torch upright on the table and this had a base at the bottom that would do it perfectly and I can pull the base off if I want to when I am holding it like a torch. I was so excited by the cheap find. I just spray painted it with some leftover gold paint I had on hand—less than 5 minutes. TIP: put it on a stick while you paint so you don't get paint on your hands.
  9. With the cellophane flames on the flashlight, just turn it on and drop it into the torch cup and voilà!  An Olympic Torch! It does look pretty cool with the lights off.
Singing Sport Sign Example

I will have my Primary Singing Olympic sign posted at the top of my board (pictured at the top of this post.) If you want the Olympic sign a little bigger, you could print that page in poster format on two or more pages. I did mine on two pages. Then I will have my Singing Sport Signs for the different sports posted on the board underneath it. The link to all the files I made are posted below. I will have a child pick one of the sports and we will sing the song assigned it while doing the "sport" activity. You could also just post the signs in the order you want to do them in and proceed in that order. I have to admit that I kind of got carried away during my brainstorming session when I was going through the list of sports that are in this year's Olympics and trying to think of names for the sports and activities. I did some "singing" word play on the sport names. I know the kids may not get them all, but the teachers might think they are fun and I had fun thinking of them. During my brainstorming, I ended up with WAAAAAAAAAAAY more sports than you will ever do for your singing time and I created signs for each one as well, so at least you have quite a variety to pick from. Just select the singing sports activities you want to do for the time you have. I've also attached a key sheet file for the sports and songs. Just select which sports you want to do and write in the songs you want to do on the key sheet. You could even just write what the song is and activity on the back of your sign if you don't want to refer to a key sheet. Don't forget to take any items/props, if needed, for each sport activity you have chosen. I've tried to keep the props simple to none. If there are any props needed, I've listed those items in each section on the key sheet.  Here is a list of the songs and sport activities that I am thinking of doing:

TORCH SONG RELAY: If the Savior Stood Beside Me
SHOT PUT IN ORDER:  Choose the Right
ARCHERY ARTICULATION: The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
TENNIS WORD: Dare to Do Right
TRAMPOLINE TRIPLE TIME:  Stand for the Right
VOLLEYBALL VIRTUOSO:  I'm Trying to Be like Jesus
MOUNTAIN BIKE MEDLEY: Stand for the Right and Dare to Do Right Medley

Probably won't have time to do all 10, but I'll be prepared just in case with the last two.

I tried to use most of the actual olympic pictograms for the signs but many of the sub-categories didn't have any, so I just created my own, so many are not the official pictograms in case you were wondering. Although I don't care for the Olympic font London chose, I used it anyway for a more authentic look.  I tried to do a variety of "sport" activities; however, don't expect them to be these big running, relay type of sport activities for the children to do. I find too much playing around type activities make it difficult to keep some semblance of reverence as well as the children get too busy "playing" instead of singing, so I try to select activities more conducive for singing that the children enjoy doing but still gives them some movement, variety and a challenge. There are a few more "sporty" events on the list just in case you want to throw in one or two for a moment or two of added play time.

I also plan to have someone be a judge; maybe one of the presidency members or maybe take turns having the teachers help judge. This is optional, but kids seem to like to perform well when they are being watched. I will give the judge three paddles: GOLD MEDAL, SILVER MEDAL and BRONZE MEDAL. They are the big medals in the file that I have cut out and attached to tongue depressors. If the children sing the song/verse well, the judge will hold up the GOLD MEDAL after they sing. If they sing okay but the song still needs some work, then the judge would hold up the SILVER MEDAL paddle. If we could really use a bit more work on the song, then the judge would hold up the BRONZE MEDAL paddle. Oooooo, I sure hope we don't earn too many bronze medals!

If the song has more than one verse, I plan on only having them sing the first verse then stop to be scored by the judge, then sing the second verse, stop and be judged and so on. Whatever paddle the judge holds up, I will put up a smaller version of the medal next to the Singing Sport Sign. So, if there are three verses to a song, there should be three medals next to that sport sign when done to reflect how we did on each verse. This will be a fun and incentive way for everyone to see how many gold, silver or bronze medals they have earned as well as it lets you know what needs more work. I've included in the file all three versions of smaller medals as well as a black and white version if you would prefer to print on colored paper instead of in color or print on white and just color them in. Just print and cut out how many scoring medals you might need for the number of songs/verses you plan to sing.

I haven't brought a treat all year, but I decided to for this activity because you just can't have an Olympic event without a medal, so of course I've done the obvious GOLD CHOCOLATE COIN that I hot glued some blue curling ribbon to. If you don't want to do an edible treat, I've included little gold medals that you can print on gold card stock, punch out and tie curling ribbon or yarn to make a gold medal.

Another gold medal option would be is to wrap a cookie in gold foil and then glue ribbon or yarn on it.

Hope you have some

Primary Singing Olympics—Nalani

Primary Singing Olympics Key Sheet-Nalani


  1. Thank you so much!!! I have also been trying to make a compilation of all the fun primary olympics ideas I have been reading about, but to have all your perfectly coordinating names and visuals is such a lifesaver! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the time you put into sharing your ideas! My primary is going to love this!

  2. This is amazing! Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. This morning I was thinking I should do some kind of Olympic themed singing time and turned on my computer. What should I find? You did all this amazing work for us already! Thank you so much!!! You are awesome. I could never have come up with all of this.

  4. Wow, can I just say you are awesome?!??! Thank you so much for doing this! You are much more creative than I am. I would really be lost in my calling without help from your blog. Thank you! :)

  5. This is just what I was looking for! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this calling, and being willing to post and share them with us.

  6. Where can I find the music for the Stand For the Right and Dare to Do Right Medley?

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and talents!

  8. Thank you for posting this and for always going the extra mile to make it fun while maintaining focus on what's really important. I have a couple young children and while I love this calling I sometimes struggle to find the time create what is in my mind! So thankful for you for doing so much and sharing it!

  9. You are an ANGEL to do all this hard work and post it for everyone to use. Thank you so much! My kids are going to love it!!

  10. You answered my prayers!! I was trying to figure out how I could make the olympics work for primary and wala! here you are!!!
    I was wondering if anyone is having problems getting these to print? When I print the signs off all I am getting is a big black cloud of black ink where the words are suppose to print out!!! Can someone help me please! Now I am stressed!!! uuggh!!!

  11. Sorry for the Anonymous Post... my name is Julie
    but I could not get my post to post any other way.!!! Compurter illerterate!!!! Help!

  12. Julie, I am having problems with the printing part, too. Someone please help us! Thanks. This is so amazing and I am so excited to do this tomorrow...provided I can print! :)

  13. I figured out one way to do it...I right clicked on the image I wanted to print, copied and then pasted it in a word document. Printed beautifully. You can even enlarge the image in your doc so that it fills the paper. Make sure to choose landscape. Hope this works for you, too, Julie.

  14. So sorry you are having problems with printing. I'm not sure why. All I can think of is to make sure you download the file first, then open and print the pages you want. If that doesn't work, it sounds like Heidi figured a work around. I'll keep my fingers crossed that something works for you.

  15. Beautiful visuals & ideas! I am printing off the medals right now!!

  16. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! Thank you for your posts! I love your blog, and look at it often. I would be SO lost without it! I just finished my torch and it looks amazing!! Thanks for the step-by-step. I even found the tall orange glass at the $ store! I didn't have gold spray paint, so I covered it with aluminum foil. I am so excited for church tomorrow! You truly make my calling easier. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and creativity! -Brittany

  17. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! Thank you for your posts! I love your blog, and look at it often. I would be SO lost without it! I just finished my torch and it looks amazing!! Thanks for the step-by-step. I even found the tall orange glass at the $ store! I didn't have gold spray paint, so I covered it with aluminum foil. I am so excited for church tomorrow! You truly make my calling easier. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and creativity! -Brittany

  18. THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! Thank you for your posts! I love your blog, and look at it often. I would be SO lost without it! I just finished my torch and it looks amazing!! Thanks for the step-by-step. I even found the tall orange glass at the $ store! I didn't have gold spray paint, so I covered it with aluminum foil. I am so excited for church tomorrow! You truly make my calling easier. Thank you so much for sharing your talents and creativity! -Brittany

  19. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so talented and sharing your creativity with us! I love bringing the Olympics into singing time!! Thank you again- Lindsay

  20. I love you so bad right now!! I did an Olympic opening day fun with my kids on Friday but didn't even THINK about doing something similar in Primary! The kids are gonna flip out! THANKS!!

  21. You are kind of my favorite right now. I was already planning on doing an Olympic themed singing time when viola - you go and plan this amazing and fun game that will last our primary WEEKS! AND the kids LOVED it.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  22. My presidency let me have the whole time today after seeing me set up and it was AWESOME! I am so grateful you are so creative and so willing to share all your creativity with us that aren't so creative. Our entire primary had a blast (yet a reverent one, of course) doing our own version of the Olympics thanks to you!!

  23. This was AMAZING!!! THANK YOU!!

  24. Thank you for the hours of preparation and creativity you put into this plan!! My primary kids LOVED having their own olympics today, and my primary presidency was amazed at the amount of time and effort you put into your calling!
    Thank you, again!!

  25. I would really like to use this for my 2014 primary singing theme (each month/song is a new sport) and incorporate the 2014 songs and winter sports. Do you have a file we can modify?

    1. I was also thinking I would have them "learn about the sport" (learn the song), do warm-ups (singing/vocal warm-up exercises), and then incorporate some other ideas throughout the year so they don't get bored with olympic stuff. Also, i will have an overview board that we can continually work on to get ready for the program in Sept. Each week/month we will try to get more and more gold medals and eventually give the chocolate gold medals after the program. I love your visuals and would love to incorporate them into my yearly plan.

  26. Thank you SO much for taking the time to share all of your hard work!! I am looking to do a whole Primary Olympics theme for the month of August to review for our program in September, and this is PERFECT! Thank you so so much!!

  27. This is such an amazing activity! Is there somewhere other than scribd where the files can be accessed? I'd love to use them, but would rather not pay for a scribd subscription. Thanks!

    1. Sorry I don't check the email for this blog anymore on a regular basis so I didn't see your request. Not sure if you are still wanting the Primary Olympic Singing files. You don't have to pay for a Scribd account but if you email me with your email address, I can send you the files for it.

    2. Nalani-
      I would love to get the files as well without using the scribd subscription. Can you send them to Thanks!!!

  28. This is AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing it! The kids are going to love it!

  29. You are AMAZING!!! I have done this the last two Sundays to help us prepare for our Primary program. I considered this past Sunday a real success when I debated about having enough time to do another Olympic sport and the senior primary kids all begged to do another one! Woo hoo!!! WHEN does that ever happen?!!? THANKS SO MUCH!!! This is awesome!!!!

  30. Thank you so much for this! I used your printables and ideas for music time the past couple weeks! I linked this post to the post I made about how I did Primary Olympics and I wanted you to know!
    Let me know if that is OK by you! Thank you again!

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