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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


There have been some of you who have tried to download some of my older files from Scribd, but were unable to because Scribd apparently has now moved them to their archive section. I'm still discovering things about Scribd. This does make it a bit more difficult for you to download the files unless you have a paid account or are uploading files of your own to "give back to the community" so to speak, but that only gives you 24 hour access. So, I figured out how to reactivate them so you should be able to access the older files up front now.

I have tried other document-sharing mediums like Googledocs, but because my graphic files can be large, it has problems with uploading large files and can take some time to upload/download the files and it is limited in its features. I have used it for some things.

My MobileMe iDisk subscription, well, they are closing that down next month (so sad) because they are changing to iCloud, which has less storage space and is more limited.  And with my Dropbox account,
you are only allowed so much band-width traffic. Even with my paid subscription giving me substantially more band-width, the traffic my files apparently generate is still too much, or so they've told me, basically because Dropbox is not a true full-fledged document-sharing program for high traffic. Yeah, I know, I use a lot of different mediums to access my documents, but hey, what's a girl to do when you have to access your files on any computer or device anytime. Anyway, I know Scribd can sometimes be frustrating, but so far, it is the best free service out their for high-volumn downloads that I am aware of that has a lot of features. None of my paid services can handle that so far and creating an actual web site might be a bit too much for this little thing I do here on this blog. So, for now, hopefully, this works for most of you and if you do have some problems with accessing files, don't hesitant to contact me. I'm sure I can find a solution, at least I have been able to so far.

P.S. I plan on posting my visuals and ideas for "When I Am Baptized" tonight after work (I think they turned out sooooo cute.) However, it may be a bit late since I have some other appointments tonight, so check back tomorrow.

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