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Friday, May 18, 2012


Apparently the Tabernacle Choir is having a "Conduct the Choir" contest on their Facebook page. Sounds like a fantastic opportunity if you are brave enough. Leslee Edwards is one brave soul who has submitted her video. Wouldn't it be cool if a Primary Music Leader could win? Read her info below and click on the Facebook link to check it out. If you vote, don't forget to vote daily.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is having a Facebook contest to win a chance to conduct them!  It's a once in a life time opportunity.  My primary president, and former primary chorister, Becky Sais has submitted a video and we need votes.  I helped shoot and edit the video.  We went down to the beach to conduct the waves!  The sun came out just for us and we even "summoned" 2 humpback whales!  It was amazing.

I was hoping that as primary choristers you might support us by voting.

Click on  It will take you to the MoTab Facebook page.  Scroll down and you'll see videos.  Click on page 2 and look for "Conducting Waves".  Click on the 5th star to give us 5 points.

We need to reach the goal of 200 points each day and we are only getting about 150.  Voting goes for the next 7 days.   

Thank you!

Leslee Edward

(Me again, on a side note, very busy week, so it will be late tonight before I have the chance to post my plans for Sunday, so check back if you are interested.)

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