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Sunday, December 2, 2012


 What kid wouldn't like to
shake and make fun jingling
noises with a jingle bell ring?  If you don't have bells or chimes to play, try making some easy jingle bell rings for the kiddies to play. This idea may be an oldie
but it's still a goodie, so add it to your stash of
rhythm instruments.

It's also great for your Nursery bag of musical fun!

These are pretty easy to make. This is how I did mine. You'll need 2 pipe cleaners aka chenille stems and two or three bells per jingle ring. String the bells on one of the pipe cleaners spacing them how you want them. Take the second pipe cleaner and twist it around the first one to help hold the bells in place and if your second pipe cleaner is a coordinating one, it helps to make it more colorful and decorative. Twist the ends together to form a ring. Make sure those sharp wire ends on the chenille stems are crimped in themselves so they won't poke—that wouldn't be very fun. I just made mine up a few years back, but if you still want some more formal and visual instructions, here is link to a site I found that gives you some instructions on how to make.

Here is a site to make a jingle rattle—I'm sure these would be easier and quicker to make than the ring.

Here is another site that shows how to make the jingle bells using hair bands, elastic string and bells.

Now go out and get you some of those jingle bells at the craft store while they are on sale and whip you up some. Don't forget to use them throughout the year—they are not just for Christmas time!

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