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Thursday, February 9, 2012


So what does the 
Faith in God for Boys and the
Faith in God for Girls
have to do with the song
“Choose the Right”?

Did you know that it is one of the activity choices to select from in the “Learning and Living the Gospel” section on page 7 of the booklets?  I did not know that!!!  THANKS to Grandmajo for sharing that tidbit of info in a comment she left the other day.

Oh man! I am sooooo going to run with this one in motivating the kids even more in learning the song! 

Here is the link at for the girl’s booklet and here is the link for the boy’s if you want to check it out.

I’ll confess, I have been a bit hesitant internally in teaching all three verses just because hymns can be a little more difficult to teach, but I have had this persistent feeling I should teach all the versus and so had planned on it.  Now I have a better understanding as to why I had this feeling I should teach the children all three versus.  A little AHA! moment for me.

This Sunday I am going to take my little booklets and show the SR group and ask them the same question I asked above to see if they were even aware of that.  I want to challenge the children to have this activity passed off this year by having the song learned, hopefully, by the end of the month along with being able to answer the questions about agency and choices.  Won’t that be so AWESOME to be able to pass it off altogether?!?!?!  
I’m not sure if they need a signature to sign off on it or not, but I would think it would be great to initial it or something when they pass it off making it feel even more special and important.  Maybe even have them come up as a class to sing it together to pass it off.

I was also thinking of making a little song booklet or something to give them to take home to help them work on the song.  I haven’t made personal booklets or anything like that before for them, but I thought this might warrant a little something extra this time.  After pondering on the booklet idea, I decided instead that it needed to be something that they could post on their mirror or someplace easily visible so that they could view the song without much effort making it easier to sing and review it.  So, I decided to make a 
one-page cheat sheet 
that has all the different pages of the flip chart on it.  Something a little more fun than just the words, and besides, since I already had the flip chart made, it didn’t take that much more to make it work for a one-page cheat sheet.  Here is the one-page cheat sheet I came up with if you are interested. (Click on the "Download original" in the upper right-hand corner for the best resolution.)  I only have the chorus once at the bottom of the page so I will make sure to point that out to the kids so they don't get confused.  To save on cost, you don’t have to print it in color.  Just print out one and take it to church to make a copy for each of the SR kids in your Primary. 

2/10/12 UPDATE: Chris and Janeil left a wonderful idea in her comment.  You've just got to love the synergy generated out there from everyone!  Anywhooooo, she suggested a smaller size to fit in the children’s scriptures.  What a simple, yet brilliant idea and, you only need to print up half as many when you print 2-per sheet.   I was a little nervous that it might be too small to see, but hey, if I can still read it, it should be easy enough for the kiddos.  So, last night I made this 2-per sheet version in case your printer does not have the capability to print a 1-page version into 2-per page.  (Click on the "Download original" for best resolution.)  This 2-per page version has a lower resolution, but still is readable.   Thanks for the idea.

I just love it when you can accomplish two things at the same time; program song and an awards requirement.  MARVELOUS!


  1. Oh, I had no idea--thanks for sharing. I think your one page visual reminder of the song will be a great motivator. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas and talents.




  3. This is perfect, I am going to print in into a 5x7 card for them to keep in their scriptures. So great. I was wondering how you put your flip carts together. Do you laminate and then punch holes and use ring binders or what has worked best for you. I just got called and have not made one yet. Thanks for the help!

    1. What a simple and brilliant idea! I've updated the post with a 2-per page version. As for how I do my FC, I am actually in the process of doing one of the first "tips" post this weekend and that was going to be the first. There are many ways to do your FC, but, in a nutshell for now, I just use page protectors and place them in a binder. I'll explain the reason why I choose to do it this way in the post as well as other options, so stay tuned. Thanks for the scripture-size version idea.

  4. Thanks for the 1-pager for Choose the Right. My kids will love it! I appreciate all your hard work and great ideas. Thanks to Chris and Janeil for the idea to make the 1-pager scripture size.

    Love Primary music,

  5. You are amazing! I am so excited to share this with my cute primary!

  6. I am thrilled to be able to print this for my Sr Primary! They love a challenge, so this will surely motivate them. Thanks!!

  7. AmAzInG!!! Thank you so much for making this and sharing! I'm excited to challenge my senior primary and use it with them!

  8. Thank you and let me know how it goes. Happy Singing!