New and refurbished ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders (a.k.a. Primary Choristers)

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To print some of my files in a larger poster format, you can print a pdf file from most printers from Adobe Reader that will print the image on several pages that you can tape together for a larger poster.

  1. Open pdf file in Adobe Reader.
  2. If there is more than one page in your file, select the page you want to print in a larger size.
  3. This part will vary depending on your printer, but it will generally go like this:
    1. Select print
    2. In the print options “Tile all pages” under “Page Scaling”.  I’m a Mac person so this is how it works for me, but I would imagine Adobe Reader should have similar print options for the PC version.
    3. Just to give you an idea, below is an image of the print screen so you can see where the option is for doing a poster.  Make sure you have the box checked for “Cut Marks”.  That will help you know where to cut off the excess edges.  
    4. Print Screen on a Mac
    5. Select the percentage size you want it to be. The image print window should show you how many pages it will be printed on.  Adjust the percentage until you get the size you want.  You can print it smaller or larger depending on your preference. 
  4. Print on card stock for more durability.
    1.  You could print on paper and mount on poster board or just use paper if you prefer.
  5. Cut off the edges using a straight edge metal ruler and knife, then butt the pages up to each other and tape them together on the backside. DO NOT OVERLAP.  I like to use packaging tape but regular tape is fine.  This way it is sturdy yet it can fold it up since you did not overlap the paper. 

Tools used to assemble poster
Assembled poster

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  1. I never knew how to print poster size on my Mac! Ive looked and looked but could never figure it out! Oh Thank you!!!!!