New and refurbished ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders (a.k.a. Primary Choristers)

Just Me

I’ve been involved with Primary for about 20 years (at least that is what I can account from memory so far).  I started in the nursery when I was first married and worked my way through just about all the positions until I “graduated” from Primary.  However, I never held the pianist or chorister position and never thought I would hold those positions because I just didn’t see myself skilled enough to be there.  I’m self-taught on the piano, so I’m not very good and singing in front of others?  NO WAY!  About the only place I sing is in my car and shower—when I’m alone, of course! 

I was in Primary for about 14+ years fairly non-stop until I moved into my current house.  I admit, I was a bit burned out, so I kept my fingers crossed that I wouldn’t be called again.  I have had some wonderful growing experiences in the Primary, but it was nice to be involved in the Young Women and Relief Society auxiliaries as well as a few odds and end callings for a while.  Several years back I was called again to teach in the Primary.  I’ll admit I was very hesitant because my kids were all grown up and I felt like it was time for me to hang out with the grown ups, so to speak, but they enticed me with my husband being my co-teacher.  I was excited about that since we had never really worked together because he was involved a lot with different bishoprics most of our marriage.  After getting back into Primary I started realizing how much I did enjoy teaching those kids.  Maybe it has a little to do with becoming empty nesters and realizing how these young at heart help to keep you young at heart.

And then our stake was divided again for the third time and again we were in a different ward . . . And then I received THE CALL!  GASP! Did they not know I DO NOT sing in front of others???  Speaking publically is hard enough, but to sing publically???  Did they not notice I have never sung in a ward choir before? Not knowing how to say NO to a calling and secretly knowing deep down that I have always grown from a calling, I hesitantly said yes and haven’t regretted it thus far.  I’m in my third year now.  I admit, it is a very hard calling especially coming up with lessons each week in teaching the gospel messages of the songs, but it is a very rewarding calling; feeling and listening to the spirit from these young voices is a joy beyond measure.

The Lord has blessed me in this calling.  He has given me the courage to sing publicly (at least in Primary).  I am also once again enjoying using my creativity in ways to help present the songs (that kind of got pushed to the bottom of things with raising a family and long hours at work).  But most importantly, I am amazed how my testimony has grown on such a simple premise of teaching children the gospel through music.  My skin just tingles when I feel these precious children’s testimonies through their song.

On the personal side, I have three amazing children.  My beautiful daughter, the eldest, is married to a great man and they have three of the most wonderful grandchildren, two girls and a boy, with another girl on the way.  Can I just say how great it is to be a grandma Nanna?!?!?  I have two handsome and strong boys and a lovely daughter-in-law.  Oh yes, I also have the bestest Primary Music Leader’s personal assistant EVER; my husband.  He is a great support to me even though he makes fun of me when I sing Primary songs in my sleep.  Oh yes, I apparently started singing in my sleep after I received this calling.  I have never talked in my sleep, but I now sing in my sleep, or so he claims.  There are a lot of side affects to this calling I have discovered.

My goal is to be able to share with you what I have learned from my own experiences and from others as well as the new things I hope to continue learning.  I love doing things on the computer and making stuff, so I want to share those things I have made with you in case you need a little inspiration, help or don't have time to create something yourself.  But we should always remember to continually seek inspiration from the spirit on how to present and teach these precious children so that they will glean the gospel messages from these songs.

Happy Singing to ALL!