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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Flip charts and posters are great ways to visually teach a song; but it's not the only way. Props are another great way to visual portray a song and its message. Select an item(s) that best portrays a word or phrase for each part of the song. Sing the song to the children giving them discovery questions to listen to for the answers as you sing. Then as the children answer after you have sung, have them come up and hold the props as you work on each section at a time.
Simple and Easy!

Here are the 4 simple items I use for the song.
Here is how I have used props teaching"My Mother Dear".


  • Sun: The child raises the sun up.
  • Flower Spinner: Something I picked up at the $ store once—the child spins the flower—or use a bouquet of flowers or even cut some from your garden now that spring is here.
  • Stuffed Bluebird: My bird is a pull toy that the child pulls the bird down while holding the ring and the bird flutters back up to the ring. For a stuffed bird, have the child make the bird "fly" of course, I don't mean "fly" by throwing it. You always have to be on your toes with how you give instructions. Those kiddos know just how to twist those words into something silly. 
  • Picture of a mother: The child holds the picture with one hand and with the other hand, does kind of a "Vanna" thing or the child could draw an imaginary heart around the picture with his or her finger. (Just a side note, that is a picture of My Lovely Mother Dear  whom I wished could have been here on earth to have seen and known her grandchildren. I missed having her here when I became a mother. I  love you mom!)
  • Listen to find out who this song is about? [My mother]
    • Have the child that answered correctly come up and hold the picture.
  • I'm going to sing about THREE springtime things that help to remind us about our mothers. Listen to find out what they are. [Sunshine, Flowers, Birds]
    • Have the children that answered correctly come up to hold the props in no particular order.
  • Oh, do we have these in the right order? Let's find out. Listen again as I sing. [Receive the answers and have the children move into the correct order.]
  • The children should be ready to begin singing the first phrase with you.
  • As you sing through each phrase you could ask more discovery questions and then have the answering child come up and take a turn at holding and using the prop.
  • You could also have the children sing the first half of each phrase with you and you sing the second half by yourself so they can listen for the answers and then everyone sings the final phrase together.
  • Here are some other questions you could ask for each of the phrases:
    • How is our mother like sunshine in the morning? [She awakens day from night]
    • The song describes our mothers like flowers in the springtime. Why are they like flowers in the springtime? [Because they are colorful and bright]
    • Bluebirds sing happy songs. How are our mothers like the happy songs of bluebirds? [Because mothers also fill the air with cheer]

I'm sure you can find all sorts of objects around the house for all sorts of songs and activities. I certainly was able to and I've SQUIRRELED them away in a storage tub to pull from for all sorts of activities and songs. Someday maybe I'll show you my little, hidden stash! 

P.S. I'm trying to upload the completed flip chart of "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" on Scribd, but the file is pretty large and is having a difficult time uploading. Maybe I'll have to split it into verses.  Just keep checking "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" post for the updated link to the complete flip chart.

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  1. You are so diligent and so inspirational. Thanks for adding your posts to the Primary group. You are the best!