New and refurbished ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders (a.k.a. Primary Choristers)

Thursday, April 19, 2012


There are so many songs to sing this time of year and so little time to sing them all in. Easter is barely behind us with Mother's Day  fast approaching. There is never enough time to sing all these FANTASTIC songs.
Well, if you haven't already started, here is a flip chart for "Mother, I Love You" to get you going. I have to admit that after seeing all the cute pictures of moms and children in the LDS image library, I was tempted, and yes I was weak, and yes I succumbed to giving my old flip chart a makeover. Not a good idea when there are so many others on my "To Do" list. Oh my, what is a Primary Music Leader to do??????

A cute way to end the song is to sign "Mother I love you; 
I love you, I do"  and when you get to "do" you make a heart shape with your hands over your chest.

Click on the words for the ASL links:
I (as in "me")

Tell them that now they can say "I Love You" in sign language.  They will think that is COOL!!!

Mother I Love You—FC-Nalani


  1. Thank you so much for ALL your hard work and for sharring your awesomness with all of us. I know I check your blog every week - and I feel like you have really mentored me through this calling. Is there a link for the flip chart- I hate to add another thing to your never ending to do list especially since you just mentioned it- but I would love to print this flip chart for Sunday. THANKS AGAIN

    1. Benilynn, That is the sweetest thing to say. I feel I have been mentored by those who have gone before me too and now I am able to give back. One of my goals for this blog is to be a "how to" resource, so I'm glad to know I'm on the right track. As for the link, if you click on the song's title (2 lines below "SIGH!!!", that will take you to the FC. It kind of is just buried in the body of the text, isn't it? I will enlarge it to help it stand out. I think I will also make a link on the FC picture. Hopefully, that will help everyone.

  2. I want to thank you for all of your wonderful ideas! I have used many of them and I love your flip charts1 They are colorful and you find the best pictures for them. Just a note, for the flip chart for Mother I Love You, there doesn't seem to be a picture for the third page, where it says "Father in Heaven has sent me to you." Maybe you could check it, because it is a darling flip chart. Thanks so much for all of your effort!

    1. Jennifer, Thank you for your compliment. I'm glad they are useful to others. Makes it worth the effort. I just checked the FC and even downloaded it and there is a picture for that page. It is of a little baby in a blessing outfit. She is sooooo cute. There have actually been a lot of downloads for that FC and you are the first missing it, so I'm wondering if there was just some glitch when you were downloading it causing the picture to not come through. I've had that happen before to me. Please try again. Hopefully, it will work for you.

  3. I was able to download it and the picture was there! Maybe something was wrong with my computer in not showing the picture (though the words were there). Anyways, it all worked out and I am so happy to be able to use it with my Primary. Thanks!

  4. Nalani-

    Silly Me, I didnt see the link, Thanks again ! I used this flipchart and most of all your others for that matter and my kids loved it. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly also. You are AWESOME!