New and refurbished ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders (a.k.a. Primary Choristers)

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Well, I did try to squeeze some time in to finish the flip chart. Didn't quite get some other things done, but oh well, gotta go with the flow sometimes.  Sorry I don't have time to share some ideas on presenting the song, but I'm sure at this late date, you have probably sparked a few of your own ideas. I won't be introducing this song either since the current music leader has already had the children working on it.  

Have to keep this post short.  Still have to work on what I'm going to do tomorrow as I sub and and I still need to run a few errands and do a few more things—it's already 7:00 p.m. Guess I better run faaaaaaaaast!!!  I'll try and post later what I did for singing time.

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  1. I was just called as a primary chorister and I would like to download some of your flipcharts. They are so beautiful, and I especially love how you have used pictures from the friend. I have used several of your flipcharts in the past to teach my own children songs at home, but I didn't safe the pdfs, I just marked them on my Pinterest page. When I try to download them today through Scribd, the files never actually download.